A space where magic is created, where ideas, visions, dreams and imaginations are brought to life

We are a team of designers, innovators and entrepreneurs who work with creatives and experts in different fields in order to solve complex problems collaboratively. We combine design thinking and innovation science to create human-centered experiences that are highly contextual, scalable and sustainable. Our shared values of making a better world and impacting people positively are the primary influence and inspiration behind what we do.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
Leonardo da Vinci
Our process and Approach

Our process is centered around the idea of evaluation, validation, and navigation at every stage to steer towards achieving the larger vision. This involves studying and analysing data, ideating and simulating concepts right from the beginning to make the appropriate maneuvers in the direction of the bigger picture. 

design execution

the following can either be part of an end-to-end innovation project but they can also be carried out as a stand-alone service

/// Moodboard creation /// Conceptualisation (illustrations, renders) /// Film-making /// Future brand visioning & direction /// Project reports & symbolism /// Digital renders (web & app mock-ups) /// Digital prototypes /// Looks-like & feels-like prototypes /// Specialist brand assets (visual identity, iconography, typography) /// Strategic visioning (big pictures development) /// Specialist services (critical design review) ///

case study 1

visual identity system for the world institute of slowness, norway

case study 2

event design for 'girl gaze' – contemporary photography exhibition for creative black country, uk